Past Winners



Change: Water Labs

Developing and deploying safer, smarter, more dignified sanitation through a low-cost, compact, waterless toilet for non-sewered households and communities.

  • Winner of Cleantech Open Northeast Region
  • Winner of audience choice in MIT 100k competition


Developing a small robot that can locate leaks with its innovative skirt sensor while traveling inside the water pipes. The robot can accurately locate leaks that are too small for current technology to detect, enabling water companies to do preventative maintenance, fixing the leaks before they grow into pipe bursts.

  • Founder You Wu named to 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30
  • Winner of data analytics prize at MIT 100k competition
  • Winner of Infosys Foundation Maker Award


Takachar creates a network of waste management enterprises in Kenya that turn unmanaged agricultural residues into charcoal, a low-cost, non-toxic, and eco-friendly cooking fuel for low-income households.



Redox Water Solutions

Redox-water technology to offer a sustainable, energy-efficient method for wastewater treatment and environmental remediation, especially targeting dilute contaminants of high toxicity


AquaPower’s device helps increase dissolved oxygen in the water without using electricity to increase yields for aquaculture farmers and reduce the risk of disease and fish deaths while reducing amount of feed required.


Developed an ultra low cost (<$1) soil moisture sensor that requires no batteries and is read wirelessly, to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of irrigation.



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MoMo (mobile monitor) is a mobile device with a sensor that collects data to track infrastructure and improve accountability in the developing world. WellDone’s water MoMo identifies where pumps are broken and alerts repair teams to fix them. Data from MoMos can also help communities monitor the effects of infrastructure projects and inform future investments.


High-efficiency electrodialysis for in-home desalination of drinking water.


AquaFresco is been pushing the water recycle technology from a lab innovation to a commercialized product. Our novel water recycle system is currently tested at 3 pilot hotels and 3 other commercial laundry facilities, potentially cutting water and detergent use for laundry in these hotels by 95% with our patent-pending invention.

  • Awarded $40k MassCEC Catalyst Award
  • Winner of MIT MADMEC Competition
  • Winner, MassChallenge Gold Award 2015